Caribbean – Nassua

Thank you so very much for prayerfully considering our ministry. Currently we are working with a national pastor and his family in Nassau. The Adams’s are in need of co-labors, whether a teacher, or someone to help with the day to day maintenance and activities, your help is needed.

In the early 1960’s two BIMI missionaries focused their attention on developing two Independent Fundamental Baptist churches on the island of Nassau. A need was then discerned for the training of young people. Nassau Christian Academy was soon established. This Christian School is now totally administrated by national leadership.  All works started by BIMI in the Bahamas now have national pastors. Since the Bahamas passed a rigid work law, few missionaries are permitted work permits—those who were trained in days gone by accomplish the work today.

Today New Testament Baptist Church and Teleos Christian School have taken up that banner.

The School needs teachers

The Church needs  maintenance personnel.



  • Pray for the national pastor’s, who now have the responsibility of reaching their country for Christ.
  • Pray for a hunger for God’s riches rather than material wealth.
  • Pray for righteous lawmakers who will not restrict religious freedom.
  • Pray for believers to humbly serve the Haitian immigrants in their midst.

Facts: An archipelago consisting of roughly 700 islands and islets and around 2,400 reefs and rock formations, the Bahamas is located in the West Caribbean and is over 700 miles long. The name Bahamas comes from the Spanish words ”baha”, meaning shallow, and “mar”, meaning sea and was first occupied by Lucayans, who were captured as slaves by the Spanish. Before the British claimed the islands in 1629, they were a haven for pirates. The nation has a parliamentary government and is governed by the British monarch, who is the head of state, and the constitution of 1973.

With beautiful coral reefs, lush vegetation, and many different species of animals, the Bahamas is one of the most popular resorts in the Western Hemisphere. Tourism is the islands largest industry and accounts for 60% of the nation’s income and the majority of jobs. The government is also a source of many jobs. The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean and has its own currency, the Bahamian dollar. The islands are home to thousands of illegal Haitian refugees, who make up roughly 25 percent of the economy, and Bahamian citizens often view them as uncivilized and dangerous because of their voodoo beliefs and practices. The Haitians are among the poorest people in the nation and are forced into jobs that are considered “undesirable” by the rest of society. The remainder of the population is generally of either African (80 percent) or European descent.

Bahamians enjoy religious freedoms, with the majority of the population being Christian (95%). Protestantism is the largest Christian segment (61%). Wealth and material things have become extremely important in Bahamian culture and have contributed to a rise in crime – mainly armed robbery and petty theft. Standards of morality have decreased, especially more births out of wedlock and drug use. While the majority of the people claim to be Christian, fewer are committed to the Church, and many churches lack pastoral leadership. The people need spiritual guidance and encouragement to continue the Lord’s work and to minister to the younger generation and the Haitian refugees. < -More- >