Reaching the People of

Uganda for CHRIST

Thank you so very much for prayerfully considering our ministry. Currently we are working with this missionary family in the country of the Uganda. The Pitmann’s are in need of co-labors, whether it is an assistance pastor, youth pastor, teacher, and medical personal, your help is needed.

Current Churches & Ministries
Over 100’s independent Baptist churches have been established in this country of over 30 million people. Missionaries are currently serving in a variety of church planting ministries including regular worship services, building projects, radio stations, Christian camp, children’s Bible training, national leadership training in small but effective local church Bible institutes, and teaching Bible in the public schools. Orphan ministries and Christian Day Schools have been established to prepare the next generation of church-planters.

Unreached areas/peoples
Missionaries are serving in 10 of the largest districts, and churches have been established or are being established in dozens of towns and villages surrounding these areas. Additionally, several national missionaries are beginning new church-planting works in various parts of the country. Yet there are many districts throughout Uganda still without a Gospel-preaching church of any kind. Less than 20% attend an established Christian church of any type.

Missionaries Website

Tell Africa – church planting, School, Medical Missions  <-More->.

As God leads you we at Heartland Baptist Missions would be honored to help you fulfill God’s calling in your life. Please contact us and let us pray for you and let us know how we can help you.


  • Pray for labors and the finances they need to serve on the mission field.
  • Pray for souls to be saved and many trained to serve Him for life.
  • Pray for the various missionaries within the Independent Fundamental Baptist community.
  • Pray for humble pastors who are trained in solid biblical doctrine and who reflect Jesus to a watching culture.
  • Pray for Christians to boldly oppose sin and injustice while also ministering to the poor and oppressed.

Facts: The name Idi Amin may sound familiar. It is infamously linked to the nation of Uganda, which underwent a brutal 8-year period of violence under his presidency in the 1970’s. It is estimated that roughly 300,000 may have died under his reign of terror.

Life in Uganda has not been easy even since then. Two military coups in the mid-1980’s have been followed by the 23-year rule of President Museveni, who has done much to rebuild the Ugandan economy. Peace, however, has yet to firmly take hold in the nation.

For the past 23 years, Uganda has struggled against the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group based in Sudan. An estimated 30,000 children have been abducted to serve as child solders or sex slaves. Up to 1.8 million people in northern Uganda have been displaced due to violence and the fear of child abduction.

Despite all of this, the church in Uganda is large and the response to the gospel has been substantial. Yet the church also battles against widespread nominal-ism, false teaching and corruption.

We need to pray for the restoration of a country left riddled by years of war and terror, and also for the revival of a church so badly needed to shine the pure light of the gospel.

In closing, think about this. How would we want people to pray for us if we were among the millions in Uganda, destitute both physically and spiritually? Let’s pray like that today. < -More- >